How to Get Pregnant with Retroverted or Tilted Uterus?

by admin on April 13, 2011

In most cases, the uterus of women is in vertical position. But 80% of women are not aware that they have a retroverted uterus also called as titled uterus. Having this kind of uterus is hard to conceive and painful during intercourse. And 20% of them their uteri are inclined backwards opposed to the pelvic wall.

Causes of Retroverted Uterus:

Childbirth and fibroid tumors can affect the ligaments and muscles that grasp the uterus to be soft conceding the uterus to incline backward. Retroverted uterus is simply born with or hereditary to many women. In tilted uterus, the major concern is that during sexual intercourse it becomes painful which is because of the uterine muscles elongating backward and loosening on the tailbone.

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Here are some instructions on how to conceive with tilted or retroverted uterus:

  • Your partner should wear boxers instead of briefs because the temperature of Granuloma Venereum is important to the health of sperm and also, ensure to alternate intercourse session to ideal sperm production.
  • After intercourse elevate the hips for twenty minutes, so that the sperm will keep its passage to fallopian tube by putting the pillow on her back. Elevating the hips may help her possibility to get pregnant and it can temporarily assist reposition in the uterus.
  • There is no requirement to correct a retroverted uterus. Nevertheless, if the major problem is the painful intercourse an UPLIFT (Uterine Positioning by Ligament Fixation and Truncation) procedure can be used. Using this procedure may be performed through laparoscopy surgery. A surgeon made a small incision in the abdominal wall. These helps the uterus to stand up instead of slant or tilt.

  • Relax and take it easy. Stay away from stress because it can delay fertilization and insemination that gets into the uterus. Keep trying and don’t give up, following this method can help your chance to get pregnant.

It is hard to get pregnant with retroverted uterus, but there are a lot of easy things you can do to possibly increase your chance of getting pregnant.


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