How To Conceive Twins Naturally?

by admin on April 7, 2011

Logically, conceiving twins happens in about 1 out of every 100 births. Neither natural conditions nor taking something, your possibility of becoming pregnant with twins are poor. Undertaking a procedure like In Vitro Fertilization or IVF can improve your possibility of conceiving twins, or taking fertility medications. Maybe you really are interested on what you can do to certainly increase the possibility of having twins.

There are two kinds of twins, the Fraternal twins and Identical twins. The identical twins are unique and appear as a result of simply one egg which separate sometime at the beginning of pregnancy, and also identical twins are more of an accidental blessing, while fraternal twins are developed from two different eggs and when two eggs are discharged at the time of ovulation.

How to increase your possibility of having twins?

Of course, there is a possibility of getting pregnant with twins; however most of the things are absolutely out of your power. If your family has a history of having twins, this will add to your possibility to conceive twins. It doesn’t help you anymore if your spouse has twins in her/his family. Maybe there are several genetic elements that will result in making one or more eggs at the time of ovulation. Maybe this kind of twin gene may move to you from your father or mother.

Age and your way of life are the other factors that may disturb your possibility of having twins. American African women are most potential to get pregnant with twins than Caucasian women. While Asian women have a lower possibility of conceiving twins.

Things you can do to naturally increase your possibility of having twins:

First. Taking folic acid supplement: Few studies have linked conceiving twins to folic acid. According to the Australian study, women who take folic acid before they conceive were more potential to conceive twins. And you have a 40 percent or bigger chances to conceive twins if you are taking folic acid while you are seeking to conceive. But other studies have shown inconsistent results, making it difficult to say that folic acid absolutely increase your chances of getting pregnant of twins. However, folic acid also serves to avoid neural tube defect so it is a nice thought to take a folic acid even though you are not seeking to conceive twins.

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Second. Gain weight: (Obstetrics & Gynecology published issue in March 2005). They discover that women who were tall and obese had a higher chance of conceiving twins.

Third. Eating dairy products: As stated by Dr. Gary Steinman who is widely known for research on numerous birth pregnancies. His study says that women who eat dairy are 5 times more potential to make baby twins than women who do not. He also compares vegetarian women who consumed dairy products and women who ate a steady diet. According to the study vegans seems to have slight higher probability to conceive twins, but relatively, gripping so much dairy products or milk from developed hormone treated cows boosts your probability of having twins.

Fourth. Keep on breastfeeding: According to some twin studies, women who were breastfed are 9 times more possible to get pregnant with twins than women who were not breastfed.

Fifth. Attempt to conceive shortly after stopping birth control pills: Try to conceive any minute now after stopping birth control pills. At times when a woman stops using pills for birth control, her body gets broken and it is risky to begin regulating its own hormone preparation all over again. If a woman is using the birth control pill for 6 months or more, her body adapts to the birth control pill regulating her releasing hormones. So when she stops taking the pill, her body may gain a cycle or two cycle to let her hormones functioning the way they are expected to. If this happens, sometimes women achieve a little amount of hormone agitation. This can make the ovaries to discharge one or many eggs at the time of the first ovulation cycle or the second ovulation after stopping the pill. So if you really want to have the twins, the first or two cycles after discontinuing the pill is awesome time to try.

Sixth. Have a big family: Having a large family also certainly increases your possibility of having twins. It seems right, the many times you get pregnant, the more possible it is that one of your pregnancies will lead to twins.

GET LUCKY. Mostly parents who give birth to fraternal twins simply get lucky while those identical twins beat a jackpot in the game fortune. All you need to do is follow the advice above and talk to your doctor to assist you to increase your possibility to conceive twins. Aside from that, just hope that your wish come true and hold back your finger crossed.

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